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How to Hire the Best Window Cleaner!

Your home is more than just a shelter. It’s where you and your family come together, where you entertain cherished guests, where you make lifelong memories. But sometimes your home needs a little love too.

One of the best ways to reinvigorate your living space is by having your windows cleaned by a professional. So you decide to start your search… who will you hire. There’re many options available but if this is your first time hiring a window cleaner you may want to consider this next part closely. Here are 3 things you need to keep in mind when hiring a window cleaner.

  1. Check the Reviews: Make sure they have up to date positive reviews on either Google, Facebook or any other reputable sights. Check when they posted and how often they are getting feedback from their clients? This shows you that they care about delivering the best result possible, that they care about how you will feel about what they did and will work hard to make sure you are happy so you will leave a positive review for the next person.
  2. Screen Cleaning: Dirty screens can make your clean window look nasty. A good window cleaner will either include the screen cleaning or highly recommend that they clean the screens for you at the same time as the windows are being cleaned. This is a no brainer and will help the windows stay clean longer. Unfortunately, a lower quality window cleaner will overlook this important service.
  3. Check their own work: Many window cleaners are in a rush to get to their next job. But it is important that we stick around to make sure you have a chance to inspect our work. After all, it is YOUR standard we should strive for, not our own. If you spot something that needs to be addressed, will they correct it before they leave? You should ask the window cleaner if they will make sure you are 100% happy before they move on to the next job. Also, ask if they guarantee their work just in case you prefer to book them at a time when you can’t be home. That way you will still have a chance to inspect the work.

Your safety is our #1 priority.

All local Clean Shine representatives have implemented increased safety protocols to ensure we are performing our tasks safely to ensure the health and longevity of our valued clients and partners.

Following all local guidelines, we have implemented wearing masks, respecting physical distancing requirements as closely as possible and ensuring that all cleaning material is first sterilized before entering your homes or places of business. All technicians are required to perform a daily health check for any present COVID related symptoms. We provide all our own Personal Protective Equipment.

At this time, we believe it is imperative to keep our communities safe. For any questions or concerns you may have in regards to local requirements in your area, please call your Clean Shine representative to find out more.