At Clean Shine, we believe in offering best in class service with the highest standard of professionalism and consistency on a national scale. Our crew members are insured and trained in the latest industry methods to make sure you receive only the best experience.

Many store front window displays inside a busy mall

The Benefits of The Pure Water Option

(Available in select areas)

Clean Shine offers a GoldPlus Standard of service with our Pure Water Option for commercial building exterior windows – a Green, Eco friendly choice! Without sediment and minerals that cause staining and streaking, highly purified water clears dirt and leaves your glass sparkling clean. Without the use of soaps, pure water produces streak free windows every time.

three sizes of water droplets in dark blue
three sizes of water droplets in dark blue

Window Cleaning

A regular window cleaning schedule showcases your success, your high standards and most importantly your products and services, contributing to a positive and productive environment for both your clients and team members.

Why Hire a Professional?

Ensure Regular Consistency

Leave a lasting impression on your clients by offering them a clean and sanitary environment every visit to your storefront by hiring one of our local window cleaners to take on the task, giving your business a fresh, pristine look.

Trained Cleaning Technicians

You and your staff can carry on the daily task of running your business while our window cleaning experts look after your needs. Our knowledgeable techs bring your window cleaning quality to a high professional standard


Receive the benefit of a professional team that is punctual to the scheduled arrival time and keeps a "proof-of-work" record. We approach all our projects with the same standard.

Janitorial Services

More than ever before, it is important for your customers and staff to feel you are providing a clean environment. Let our team customize a cleaning service program tailored to fit your budget and your janitorial and maintenance needs. We are pleased to offer full property management services.

We can help with:

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Benefits of using a Janitorial Service:

A Spot-Free Operation

A Spot Free Operation - According to one study, 66% of the population become stressed in a dirty environment. Unclean work environments, including accumulated dust, dirt and clutter, are uninviting. Regular cleaning keeps it fresh and appealing, energizing employees and attracting customers. Cleanliness makes business sense.

Protect Your Investment

Dirty surfaces age quickly. You’ve invested your energy and money into establishing your business. Routine cleaning will do wonders for maximizing the longevity of your facility.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing helps you restore and maintain your retail and commercial property.

The Benefits of The Hot Water Option

(Available in select areas)

  • Superior Results​

    • Cost-Effective
    • Less Interruption
    • Faster Turnaround Time

  • Safer and Eco-Friendly​

    (little or no chemical involvement)
    • Easily removes gum
    • Dissolves graffiti
    • Breaks up grease and grime

Pressure Wash These Zones:

Service Station Maintenance

Clean Shine provides a comprehensive Service Station and Car Wash Facility cleaning and preventative maintenance program.  To ensure your clients enjoy a safe and clean environment, we provide the following interior and exterior services:

  • Retail store
  • Cooler doors
  • Car Wash Facility
  • Regular sanitation
  • Washroom detailing
  • Floors and mats
  • Product shelving and countertops
  • Coolers
  • Milk coolers
  • Back office cleaning
  • High dusting
  • Pumps and columns
  • Garbage bins
  • Racks
  • Displays
  • Canopies, signs and buildings
  • Detailing of light covers
  • Concrete and asphalt 
  • Gum and graffiti removal
  • Nettoyage comprenant:
    • Murs
    • Vitres intérieures
    • Plafonds
    • Planchers
    • Fosses
    • Équipement
    • Guenilles
    • Portes de garage
  • Options:
    • Lubrification
    • Recharges de réservoir hydraulique
    • Recharges des produits de lave-autos
    • Liste de contrôle des rapports incluant les observations
  • À la fin de chaque visite de service, nous:
    • Faisons une inspection
    • Effectuons un test des l’installations de lave-autos
  • Frequency options:
    • 3 x per week
    • 2 x per week
    • weekly
    • bi-weekly
    • monthly

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Benefits of a Professional Maintenance Crew:

Safety First

While servicing your facilities, Clean Shine representatives maintain a safe environment for your clients, your staff and for themselves.

High-level Customer Service

Allows your staff to focus on optimal customer service because Clean Shine is focusing on the maintenance of your facility.

A Pleasant Client Experience

Unfortunately, many Service Stations have a poor reputation for cleanliness.  Stand out from your competition by providing a clean and sanitary environment. You will generate loyalty and build a repeat customer base.

Client Courtesy

Maintain Client courtesy by keeping stations to a high standard of cleanliness.

High-level Customer Service

Ensure high-level customer service by allowing your staff to focus on client visits.

Safe Communities

Keeping our communities safe and healthy by hiring trained and qualified Clean Shine technicians to keep your facility sanitary.

National Coordinators

Monica Pellegrino National Service Coordinator window cleaning

Window Cleaning​

Monica Pellegrino

National Service Coordinator

Jay Lyford National Service Coordinator Janitorial


Jay Lyford

National Service Coordinator

Rick Hurley National Service Coordinator pressure washing

Pressure Washing

Rick Hurley

National Service Coordinator

Nathan Williams National Service Coordinator pure water

Pure water

Nathan Williams

National Service Coordinator

Your safety is our #1 priority.

All local Clean Shine representatives have implemented increased safety protocols to ensure we are performing our tasks safely to ensure the health and longevity of our valued clients and partners.

Following all local guidelines, we have implemented wearing masks, respecting physical distancing requirements as closely as possible and ensuring that all cleaning material is first sterilized before entering your homes or places of business. All technicians are required to perform a daily health check for any present COVID related symptoms. We provide all our own Personal Protective Equipment.

At this time, we believe it is imperative to keep our communities safe. For any questions or concerns you may have in regards to local requirements in your area, please call your Clean Shine representative to find out more.