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Window Cleaning = 768% ROI on your next home real estate deal

Why do windows matter so much? For one thing, they increase your curb appeal significantly. When more natural light enters the home, it makes the space brighter and more inviting, as well as increases its perceived value. When buyers view your house, it doesn’t necessarily glare out that you’ve had work done – it just looks like a lovely home, one they could imagine sharing with their family. Second, clean windows are something that pretty much everyone can agree on (you aren’t going to find many homebuyers who have a preference for dingy, cruddy windows!). 

The investment you make by getting your windows professionally cleaned can actually provide considerable returns. According to a Money magazine survey of real estate agents, it was the cleaning of windows that gave the highest return on investment out of all of the possible improvements you could make to a home when it lands on the market – from repairing electrical or plumbing issues to updating the kitchen. How much? Based on their calculations, you will make a 768% return on your investment in hiring a professional window cleaner. The average cost to have your exterior house windows cleaned in Canada is $187 – if you apply this math you should expect a bump of $1,436 on the sale price. Not to mention that your property will sell faster as it stands out over the others that didn’t think to have this service done.

In addition to this, professional power washing can be an awesome way to spruce up your home’s exterior. Cleaning any dirt, dust, or debris that’s accumulated on your stucco or siding will improve your home’s appearance – and it has proven to bring more value to the market. In terms of increasing the selling price of a home, real estate agents have found that cleaning and eliminating clutter (both inside and outside of the home) gave listers a 400% ROI on any professional services used.

You can use professional window cleaning and pressure washing to boost the value of your home at a relatively modest upfront cost – without having to put any effort into it yourself. If you’re planning on selling a home make professional window washing and pressure washing part of your pre-sale plan! Call us to get a free quote!

Your safety is our #1 priority.

All local Clean Shine representatives have implemented increased safety protocols to ensure we are performing our tasks safely to ensure the health and longevity of our valued clients and partners.

Following all local guidelines, we have implemented wearing masks, respecting physical distancing requirements as closely as possible and ensuring that all cleaning material is first sterilized before entering your homes or places of business. All technicians are required to perform a daily health check for any present COVID related symptoms. We provide all our own Personal Protective Equipment.

At this time, we believe it is imperative to keep our communities safe. For any questions or concerns you may have in regards to local requirements in your area, please call your Clean Shine representative to find out more.