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The real answer to “how often should I get my windows cleaned?”

Getting a good answer to this question can be challenging. 

Answers will vary depending on whether you own a business or want to keep your home looking and feeling fresh.

If you want to attract customers and better clients, you need to keep your business’ frontage looking sharp. In many cases, It is recommended that you hire a professional cleaning company to clean your business’ windows at least once per month. This is not just a mundane maintenance issue, this is also a brand issue.  How you present yourself to the market and your clients will impact people in many ways. Dirty windows on a retail level for example will convey an idea to people that your brand is disorganized, overly cost-conscious, or not interested in providing a clean place to shop.  Of course, you would never say that to a customer, right? However, the condition of your windows is saying that every time a customer sees them. Over time this subtle subliminal message will affect how people will view your brand and the overall shopping experience you promise. This is even more important for restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores, doctors’ offices, dental or orthodontics offices and many other businesses that are required to put a high level of priority on cleanliness. 

Homeowners can get away with having their windows cleaned just once a year on average. Most Clean Shine customers opt for the twice a year, interior and exterior cleaning, while many swear by the quarterly exterior-only cleaning plan.  Reports show that the more sunlight (which helps our bodies release serotonin) you can introduce into a living environment, the happier you and your family will feel. Even modestly dirty windows can reduce the amount of quality sunlight in your home by a significant amount. You don’t fully appreciate how much you’re missing until you finally get your windows professionally cleaned. We in the businesses call this the “light-bath” effect. It’s that rush of calm, joy, and contentment you get after living with dark, dingy windows for months. 

Depending on the local weather, your window cleaning needs will also be more frequent. Those who live near the ocean will need to clean their windows once a month since salt deposits can stick to windows and corrode them. If you are unsure, ask us for a free quote and we can provide a service plan based on your area and environment that will fit your budget.

Of course, personal preference is key. It is not uncommon for people to enjoy the beautiful views their homes overlook. On the other side of things, some offices prefer to let the full amount of sunlight into their offices to keep morale high. Whatever the case, the value that clean windows will bring you is significant for every business and every home.

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